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Human Spaghetti


There are sometimes where I just wonder how I get myself in the situations that I end up in. Take last night for example, a sterling example of this phenomenon. Ness, Mellowman, and I were doing Fat Frogg trivia night, like we do every week. Much of our fun before we start the trivia is […]

I got an interesting gift today. This afternoon, while I was sitting on the couch, killing brain cells, Kryden came home from class saying that he had something for me. My mind immediately flipped through all of the various things this could possibly be; a candy bar, a bag of salt & vinegar chips (yuck), […]

No stress zone


Last night, I did something rather unusual, I completed all of my homework. All of my classes begin later in the day, so I usually use my mornings to stress out and do my homework. And you know what? I had a better day for it. A day without stress is a happy day indeed, […]

Okay, I’ll admit that I miss having cable television. Jack Danger keeps bugging me about this, saying that we would have a much higher quality of life with the pleasures of cable. But since we spend so much of our time watching movies and playing video games. It doesn’t seem like there is any real […]

To Arthur


Okay, it seems like I was the last person to find out about Arthur’s Day on Thursday, that and it was the 25oth birthday of Guinness. So last night in honour of Arthur; Rage, Soup, and I polished off two six packs of the lovely, lovely, black beer of from the country of the emerald […]

Friday Re-mixed


Okay, remember how I told y’all that I have to explain every moment of a movie to Kryden to get him to understand what the hell is going on? Well, yesterday Kryden caught something that I didn’t. We were just finishing up Apocalypse Now Redux, when Kryden made the observation that one of the sailors […]

Well, I am feeling good right now. I’m coming off a very strong showing at a new quiz night last night, where my team won every single round. Feeling very good. Hats off to The Burner and her roommates for being such fun teammates. If only Lighthouse could attract the same attention as Fat Frogg, […]