I like the punk version of Interzone better.


There was a girl I met in Italy who like me was quite a music fan. She took interest in the fact that I had taken a recent ear to grunge music. For anyone who has been to Italy, this actually makes complete sense. The Italians are kinda stalled with music taste, their most popular rock singer is in her fifties. So long story short, lots of Italians listening to grunge right now, who knew? Anyway, this girl tells me that my fascination with grunge will lean me towards punk. It was then that I laughed in her face. Long story short, if any of you know of a stellar punk band, please tell me who they are. All I’ve been listening to are punk versions of Joy Division classics, if that helps. I hate life’s little ironies.

First off my apologies for no entry yesterday. But I spent most of the day on set, so when I got home, I was too zonked to write anything of any substance. One of the blog’s more aggressive fans, “Crystal Light”, threatened physical harm on me A) if there were no entry today and B) If her nickname was a bad one. Hopefully she knows who she is, and I think I hit the nail on the head for this one. Stay tuned. I really need to stop bending over backwards for people like this.

Rage and Ness broke into my apartment last night. I’m not even embellishing this. I was in my bedroom, checking the college football scores (I don’t have cable), when Rage burst in through my bedroom door with his fingers pointed at me like a pistol. If it was a prison movie, that would have been the part where he tortured/raped me. Serves me right for leaving my front door unlocked.

My friends have been on my case the past few days. Many of them want to be in the blog more, they joke about hanging with me more to get more mentions. No joke, the past two times I’ve seen Crystal Light this week, she’s asked when her first mention. The girls are all worried about their nicknames, especially after Soup got his nickname. But I’m sure that “Sparky” and “The Grin”, will have no problems with their names. Hopefully this will be the last blog entry dealing with my friends complaining about their blog names. I had to explain to Miss O what her’s meant. But this blog is about my life and that’s what my friends are talking about. Until they disown me for something ridiculous I say.

Ness thinks my apartment looks like a prison cell. So I took this as my cue to finally get my stuff together and finish furnishing my room. Bought a desk and shelf at Target. I also spent a good deal of time today on the interwebs looking for posters and yes, I have found a replacement Tiger. I cooked dinner at my apartment for the first time today. Kryden ate everything on his plate, so I’ll take that as a positive sign that I’m notthe only one who enjoys my cooking.

Watched the movie “Some Like It Hot” for the first time tonight. It just struck me that I have never seen a movie with Marilyn Monroe before. My God, she was gorgeous. Did you know that they banned the movie in Kansas when it first came out? I don’t think it was the cross-dressing, I think it was some of the outfits Marilyn Monroe wore. The fifties were more risque then advertised. But I’d suggest seeing it. It might feel dated, but it’s tightly plotted and actually quite funny. There is a solid joke every few seconds. It won’t have you in stitches, but you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back for laughing at jokes that yo grandaddy laughed at.


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