Fear itself


Okay, so both of my flatmates have been sick this week. That woven in with the persistent, looming threat of swine flu are not helping my fears of sickness. Elon doesn’t want us going to class if we get sick for fear of contaminating the entire student body. Missing school as a comm major at Elon just doesn’t work., because not only does Elon have a strict attendance policy, it actually enforces it. Well, I guess all that I can do is wash my hands, get a good night’s sleep, and drink my orange juice.

My poetry professor has been having me keep a dream journal and recording the dreams that I have every night. Problem is, ever since I started recording this stupid thing, the dream well has pretty much dried up. Though that my be because of Jack Danger who exercises a level of alarm clock discourtesy that is beyond frustrating, entering into the territory of damning. I believe that there is a certain extent to how long you should be able to hit the snooze, a half hour tops.

Jack usually comes back from editing his movie in the wee hours of the morning. So then he sleeps through his early morning Geology class (which doesn’t seem to have an attendance policy) and then continues to press his snooze for about every ten minutes for three hours. Grr. I don’t whats worse. That or the incidents from today and yesterday, where he got up and went to class…but forgot to turn off his alarm. My first class is at ten-thirty in the morning, so that doesn’t quite work with me. Grr.

At least it’s trivia night tonight.


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