The Desk Job


Okay, remember that crazy long winded rant I did about Moon Knight last night? Remember the one about how Marc Spector/Jake Lockley/Steven Grant wasn’t getting any love? Well, I just found out this morning that Moon Knight does indeed have a new comic book series that started this very week. Not only that, critics are already complaining that he has been cleaned up too much and is starting to resemble a schizophrenic Batman. Damn it all! Keep Moon Knight violent. Keep Moon Knight crazy. End of story.

Today I decided to finally get my stuff together and put together my desk. It was an inexpensive purchase from Target; complete with built in shelves and a clean, Expresso finish (it’s black). This thing was a pain in the ass to put together. The things came in about thirteen differently sized pieces of plywood and about fifty-five screws and bits. Thank Jesus that I didn’t lose anything. I’m not not an expert at putting things together (i.e. I suck with tools and following directions), so the final construction of the desk took about two and a half hours. Gotta say though, my room is looking quite classy. Just gotta find a way to mount the bear head.

Here’s a funny story that amuse only me; Jack Danger went to the post office today. The highlight of what awited for him there being an electric scooter. Picture a Razor scooter, only with a motor and two wheels in the back. Jack Danger was on a diet last year, so he had one of those services which does those weight loss meals deliver a number of meals every month. He hasn’t checked his mail since May, that was five bloody months ago. So now I kid you not when I say that we have five months worth of diet food filling half the shelves in our kitchen. Meaning we potentially don’t have to buy food for three months if we wanted to. My life is a bit odd.


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