So much in the way of progress


Well, today my driver’s  finally came in the mail. About freaking time in my opinion, I passed my first American road test last month. It’s been kind annoying for the last year and a half to have to show my learner’s permit as the bar, and on some occasions, R-rated movies. So finally I have a driver’s license. Those people who know me best know that I’m going to try my hardest to never use it. This is because I enjoy driving about as much the Republican party enjoys telling their South Carolinian delegates to shut the hell up during while the President of the United States is speaking. But, its good to have a solid looking id now. You have no idea what it is like having a liquor store clerk or bartender taking two minutes trying to give themselves epilepsy from the holograph trying to find the flaw. I had one incident in New York where a clerk took out his own bloody license to check the continuity. Curse you, you fake id users. You make it so nobody trusts it.

Went out drinking with Rage last night. The place we went was pretty hoping. It was “One dollar PBR” night at the place. They also had corn-hole, karaoke, and a mechanical bull. Both Rage and I are from the North, so we really don’t get the attraction of riding a mechanical bull. Getting up a pnuematic-powered semi-chair waiting for it to break my neck doesn’t sound like too much fun. I had a wonderful spell of beginner’s luck with corn-hole, Rage and I won four games in a row. Funny story, I still don’t know all of the rules, Rage just told me to throw it in the hole and I did about eleven times over the course of five games, pretty cool. I also did a soulful rendition of “Your Song” by Elton John, which won universal praise from my friends and…well nobody else gave half a shoe lace, but I had fun. Which is all that really matters.

Thursday also seems to be the international, North Carolina sponsored “Elon’s in the middle of bumble-fuck nowhere, so we know how to give out great deals for cheap” day. I got two loaded hot dogs from the Kangaroo for just over two dollars, I love this state.


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