Everything that we could have done


So Rage lost his phone the other night at Lighthouse, then I made a serious mistake. You see Rage’s girlfriend, “The Burner”, works at the campus book store, where I went to pick up a text book on back order. She of course asks me what Rage and I got up to the previous night. Me being me and not thinking things through just causally said that we stayed up till dawn playing Halo and said that he was still looking for his phone. Burner stopped me, “Wait, ‘Rage’ lost his phone?” Then she made this sound this sound, this  inhuman sound. I thought I had stood toe to toe in the face of fear, but then Burner made this cross between a low hiss and a soft grr. I was so glad that I was not Rage at that moment. I quickly paid and pussyfooted out of there. I instinctively pulled out my phone and tried to warn Rage, before I realized that he wouldn’t get the call. Not my day at all.

Update on the Grant-Danger Dog war: Jack has now resorted to all-out ignorance to get what he wants. You see Jack Danger wants a dog. I do not want a dog for many, many reasons, one of them being we are not allowed to have pets in our apartment. Jack, like a young child, promises that he will be the only one who has to take care of the dog. But I am wary because Jack usually can’t remember to clean up the pots when he done cooking, much less care for a living breathing creature. The two of us had a conversation, which ended with me saying in essence that while I like dogs, I don’t want to get one. He took this to mean, “Go Jack. Go to the animal shelter and pick out a cute, little doggy. Maybe if you convinently re-arrange my words, I won’t be pissed off as all hell that you’re going through with this without my blessing.” Which is exactly what he did. Jack Danger now wants to bring a three year old Fox Terrier into our home and I am PISSED! Best part is after I give him an earful about this, he is now trying to get me to agree to a trial period so I can warm to the dog. Lesson: I should have just said no from the start (which I did) and pulled out his upper right twelve molar with my bare hands (which is what I didn’t do). I keep y’all posted.

Rage, Soup, Burner, her friend “Socks”, and I went to go see our friend’s band play at the Lighthouse bar last night. It was a battle of the bands, which was sadly so much less violent then I would have thought. Their band is one of the few at the school with any degree of popularity, so of course they were last. Their competition included a guitarist with a drumming machine doing “Suck My Kiss”. He had a friend singing on vocals, who was reading off of bloody cue cards. Also the distortion was turned up so high it sounded like white noise. Rage loved it, he said that this type of music is made just to annoy people. To quote Rage, “I love this shit. Look at those bitches, holding their ears. Bitches.” Oh, Rage, you are a gentleman and a scholar. It was good to see our friends play again, but I just wish they could be a bit more humble. They are pretty good,  but it’s getting to a point where they might have to not bring the drums or monitors on stage, because the stage can’t fit them, their instruments, and their egos. They can rock Rage Against the Machine though. Their guitarist did the DJ scratch solo in Bulls on Parade, bad ass.

After Rage and Co. headed back to the West Side of Elon. I joined a friend in my building for some extra-curricular activities at his place. He played his favorite song, “Move on Up,” by Curtis Mayfield. And we’re not talking about the three and a half minute radio-friendly version, we’re talking about the nine minute musical journey. Really good song, shame I haven’t noticed it till now.

Rage wants to form a Joy Division cover band, I might take him up on it.


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