The day that I lost


Such a long, fun weekend, I didn’t want it to end. So, my mind said, “Well, why not?” I usually wake up everyday at 9:00 am so that I can eat my Honey Nut Cheerios and finish all of the work that I didn’t finish the previous night. Today, I woke up at 2:25, half of the way through my poetry class. The first thing my mind did was panic, “Oh no, I’ve missed class. What the fuck am I going to do?” Then, the more logical question comes out, “Good lord, how did I sleep through an afternoon class?”

It’s a sad thought to think that when I go to bed tonight, I’ll have been conscious for less then half of the day. Maybe I should keep better hours. I went to bed at twelve last night, who the hell was I to think that I might sleep for fourteen plus hours? It was all my fault that I almost pulled off a hibernation.

I was weird having to walk around campus in the late afternoon. Calm, innocent people who have been awake all day and don’t have to suffer the shame of being conscious for about seventy minutes this day. You feel so confused and out of it that you feel like a time traveler. You just want to grab unto some well-to-do (snotty), well-dressed (ocd), and composed (bitchy) sorotity girl decked out in her letter t-shirt. Have her push you away in disgust/confusion/arousal, then while grabbing, weakly, to her skirt yelling, “Please help me. What year is this?!?”

A friend of mine who I interned with this summer posted a video on facebook today. Very funny stuff, makes me miss my summer so much. There is a six minute clip of me laying into a guy who worked there with a vicious impersination that hopefully never see the light of day.


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