Have anyone else ever seen the “Just for Men” commercial with the Father and his two daughters? Okay, for anyone who has never seen this one, I’m going to break it down. The ad starts with a fairly good-looking, well-dressed man with solid gray hair, sitting in his armchair, reading his paper. Then his two daughters show up, can’t be more then eleven, run up to his chair with their arms behind their backs. “Dad, we’ve been talking,” says the first daughter. The two girls reveal a box of “Just for Men” as the second daughter says, “We think you’d be a real catch for somebody.” Dad just smiles and laughs with his girls. Cut to a graphic detailing the process of gray becoming brown. Cut again, to the Dad with newly brown hair, very much enjoying a date with a fine woman. He sends a positive text back his girls at home, who cheer excitedly.

Okay, now you may think that this is just some cute commerical. But I pose one question to you…where the fuck is Mom? Let’s look at it this way, there is some separation that the girls are trying to help their father find a girl friend. But, if Mom and Dad were simply divorced, the girls would be far to jaded to let a replacement parental figure into their lives. I thought for a moment, then realized, “Holy shit, Mom’s dead!” This makes so much sense, because the girls are okay with their father dating other women, so they need a replacement female parental surrogate, this means the original maternal figure is out of the picture. So there Mom is either dead or so messed up in the head, that she is out of their lives and they don’t miss her. This whole thing is terrible, curse Just For Men to cash in on a family’s personal tragedy.


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