Friday Re-mixed


Okay, remember how I told y’all that I have to explain every moment of a movie to Kryden to get him to understand what the hell is going on? Well, yesterday Kryden caught something that I didn’t. We were just finishing up Apocalypse Now Redux, when Kryden made the observation that one of the sailors on Captain Willard’s boat was acting very odd. Kryden with a mixture of shock and confusion, “Is that guy on drugs?” I overreacted and said, “No Kryden, he’s not on drugs. It’s just the war, it’s just ‘Nam. It screwed people up.” Kryden didn’t speak again for a while. I was on the Wikipedia this morning and in reading the synopsis of the film, learned that Private Lance Johnson was indeed using marijuana, ecstacy, and LSD throughout the whole movie. Nice catch, Kryden.

Just played the Brutal Legend demo the other day, looks like it will be a really fun game. For those of you who don’t know what Brutal Legend is, it’s a game where a heavy metal roadie, Eddie Riggs, is teleported to a mythological world crafted around the power of rock music. However this world has been taken over by an all-encompassing evil which threatens to destroy everything, this is where Eddie, who is voiced by Jack Black, steps in. Eddie has at his disposal; a hot rod, a magic-spewing electric guitar, and a giant broad axe, I am liking his chances. This game should be great.

Went to a Britney Spears themed birthday party for one of my study aboard friends last night. Lots of creative costumes. Though since I haven’t really heard a Britney song in a while, it seems like I have missed a few eras of her music. I now know that she had an album named Circus, which seemed to feature some strange S&M wear. Didn’t care for the music at the party either, guess there is only so much you can do when you just play only Britney. Okay, that’s not fair, there were a few other songs. Strangest one of the night…Munich by Editors. Great song, but what’s it doing with Womanizer?


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