No stress zone


Last night, I did something rather unusual, I completed all of my homework. All of my classes begin later in the day, so I usually use my mornings to stress out and do my homework. And you know what? I had a better day for it. A day without stress is a happy day indeed, just saying.

This however gave me way too much time to surf the internet. Usually when I can’t think of anything to do on the internet, I check the news on Why do I do this? Because I like to stay informed about the state of current events. But one thing that I have found out about this practice is that sucks at life. It’s not like I have much of a choice when selecting my preferred internet news. Fox is too conservative and has a poorly designed website and I don’t like constantly being sent to other web sites by the Drudge Report. So I have to stick with CNN news.

Do you know what’s scary about CNN? The lack of scope. This is a freaking website for a bloody 24 hour news station and it seems like they never have anything worth reporting. The news face of CNN is an assorted mess of missing persons, economic sob stories, Bernie Madoff, and celebrity deaths. Even the so-called “international section” is all stories about the war on terror and the visit of whatever dignitary is meeting with President Obama this week. My spell check does not like Obama by the way. This is the news according to a 24 international news organization? This is what they think we want to see?

The tool you will use the most on your swiss army knife is the scissors. This is one of those facts of the world that people keep trying to challenge, but we all know the truth deep down.


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