Science of brewing


I got an interesting gift today. This afternoon, while I was sitting on the couch, killing brain cells, Kryden came home from class saying that he had something for me. My mind immediately flipped through all of the various things this could possibly be; a candy bar, a bag of salt & vinegar chips (yuck), a stripper (double yuck), 10 free days of World of Warcraft, the key to the safe of the Wachovia bank in Burlington, my mind just kept guessing. What needless, trivial frivolity has Kryden provided me? However, today, Kryden genuinely surprised me with a brand new, five gallon cooler. It’s moments like these that I realized I picked the right roommates.

I love brewing jungle juice. While the Mad Scientist may have gained all of our families’ expertise in the ways of science. I have always had a fascination with mixing things and seeing the results, that and getting drunk. So it’s a double whammy. You see after I left for Italy back in January, my housemates ceremonily threw out my old cooler. This is after Miss O apparently finished about two gallons of whatever I had in there over the course of a weekend. So I was in need of a new one. By the way, if any of y’all are not doing anything this coming Friday, feel free to come to the APG and party with the writer of this blog. I’m so glad that my blog is so small at this point, that I can do that and not expect all hell to break loose. Hmm…stay tuned on that.

I bought my old cooler last year to use for the birthdays of Rage and The Grin. I had not made proper jungle juice before, so I decided to just improvise. I bought a handle of cheap vodka, a handle of cheap gin, four gallons of various red colored juices, one grapefruit, two oranges, six lemons, and a single bottle of Everclear. I was only after I began to mix them all together and I got lightheaded while stirring it, that I realized I may have added too much alcohol. I diligently shrugged, then took a out a piece of tape. I named the concoction, “Jugo del Diablo”, which for the two of you who don’t speak Spanish means juice of the Devil. Never in my life, have I ever named anything so appropriately. You wouldn’t believe the night that followed, so I won’t go into detail. Long story short, I learned that if you use Everclear in a punch, never add an additional alcohol. Ever. Period.

I know I rag alot on my roommates. Mostly because they don’t clean up after themselves and never remember to switch off their alarm clock. But I couldn’t live without roommates like Kryden and Jack Danger. Both of them are capable of such sincere moments of unabashed kindness that I’m able to just ignore their antics for a day or two. Peace. Love. Death Metal.


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