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Oh, man. I just don’t want to work on anything right now. This is most likely to my detriment, because I have a lot of work this week, including a quick shooting for Moonshine on Sunday afternoon. But, c’mon, it’s Halloween today, the one day that everyone looks forward to but, inevitably leads to disappointment. […]

Senioritis, it’s a social disease that affects many like myself. People who are so close to the end of their time at school and looking forward to getting out, so they stop caring about the smaller things. Take me for example, I don’t think I touched a drop of alcohol on a weekday during my […]

Well, completing that 1001 Movies to See Before You Die book seems be getting harder and harder by the moment. While with each movie I see, I am able to cross another title off of the list. I now have to throw myself into things that I usually wouldn’t watch, like westerns and foreign films. […]

Well, it finally happened, Three Roofies has taken the top of the Tuesday night trivia standings. No thanks in part to winning the first two rounds last night, the first one with a perfect score. First win in a month for the win! But that came with a price, as it was our first night […]

This weekend was among the most stressful weekend of my life. If you live anywhere within the city limits of Burlington, North Carolina and meet someone who knows me by extension, they will probably tell you have stressed that I have been this weekend. My sitting room has turned into a perpetual rock concert thanks […]

This afternoon, Jack Danger knocked on my door and asked me the one question that every sane man between the ages of 5 and 25 wants to be asked at some point in their life, “Hey, Grant. You wanna go on an adventure?” Is there any there any other answer for that question then yes? […]



Everyone has had that night where they stay up way late and playing video games. That was last night in a nutshell. Kryden recently purchased a full set-up for Rock Band 2. At first I thought this way another ill-fated endeavor by him to try new video games (see Gears of War and Warcraft III), […]