First party…victory


Well, if you could tell from the title of this entry, or you know me personally, I hosted my first ever college party last night. And I have to say it went pretty well. There however was one thing that I had not planned on. The apartment above mine was also having a party. This actually added more to the party atmosphere then I would have thought, so there was a neat type of symbiosis at work. The lowest point of the evening was probably a friend from Italy coming up the APG porch and greeting me with an awkward “hey.”

I said, “Hey (name removed), how you been? Good to see you”

She said, “Oh, I thought your party was tomorrow night.” Before making her way upstairs. Probably completely unintentional, but it still kinda stung, in a humorous sort of way.

We had jungle juice, they had a keg; so many alcohol connoisseurs (theives) made their way between the two parties, especially after the other party ran out of alcohol. This actually didn’t bother me that much as I had made just over four gallons of punch, so I was just glad that it got finished. Ness came up to me last night saying that he had planned going into the evening to talk to me at one point about an afternoon to finish the jungle juice, however this was the first time since the Jugo del Diablo incident that all the juice was finished in one night.It was also nice to get so many nice comments from friends

I crafted two different playlists for the party, one was supposed to be a poppy, fun playlist and the other was more of a dance music playlist. However a battle soon emerged over the playlists as Jack Danger wrested control of the remote. This soon turned into another clash of our personailites. I had made specially crafted playlists with each song falling its intended place to create a grander effect. Jack just wanted to play stuff he likes, which makes sense. My indie snob sensibilites make this relationship an interesting one.

I had been bugging Kryden and Jack all week that we had to go out and get another couch. They interpreted this as going to get a pong table. So they bought two sawhorses and a long piece of wood and created a table. You have no idea how afraid I am that someone is going to nick themselves on a edge on the sawhorse. And this wasn’t just any piece of wood either. Kryden spent 40 dollars on that bad boy. Why couldn’t we have just bought plywood? Well, in all actuality, this is probably much sturdier. Rage mocked me by saying that he knew about an actual table we could get for free. Whatever.

Here are some quick APG Firsts for the record:

First win on the pong table: Rage and Grant

First one to make a cup: Rage

First loss on the pong table: Kryden and Soup

First one to make all six cups: Rage

First team to go hog wild and dominate: Ness and Miss O

First team not to use beer: Crystal Light and the Grin

First person to drink the jungle juice: Do Not What (Believe it or not)

Only person who publicly complains that I don’t put my blog entries up at the same time every day: Crystal Light

I saw Zombieland today. Loved it, just so violent and funny. I don’t think Kryden liked it too much because of the overly bloody violence. But this film is funny.


One Response to “First party…victory”

  1. 1 miss o

    aww grant.. i’m hurt. ness and i were the first to play pong w/o beer.

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