The loose ideals of the work ethic


Man, sometimes it feels like the only honest work that I am able to get done over the course of the day is a blog entry. Evem then, I sometimes have slacked on that and for that I apologize to the three of you. The theme of this week is too add many as many random sentences as possible, all of which baited with possible clues to various secrets of my life. I do this only because it recently came to my attention that a handful of friends have been reading between the lines more then the words themselves.

Lemonade with enemies tastes far more sour.

So it feels like I have become the burned CD playlist guy now. Alot of people keeping asking me to burn them playlists, more so since the party this weekend. I’ve been burning CDs for the Burner for a while now, but now Rage wants in on the action. Which I find hilarious because, to the best of my knowledge, he owns every song that I do and more (most of them on the Pitchfork lists). Hell, even one of Jack Danger’s friends has asked for a playlist centered around “Stillness is the Move” by Dirty Projectors. Rage and I have been salvating at the Pitchfork “Best of the Decade” lists for the past few weeks. We’ve had many a conversation discussing which CDs would make up the top twenty. I correctly guessed more albums in the top, but Rage correctly selected the number one album, Kid A. Which I should have totally seen coming because Pitchfork has been giving sexual favors to Radiohead since the website’s creation.

Sometimes I make telephone calls to people who aren’t my friends.

After the stress of throwing a party on Friday, I felt like yesterday would have been a great day to just stay in and relax. Oh no, this is what I did yesterday: ate out twice (yikes), went to Zombieland with Kryden, played Laser Tag, and watched a Batman/Superman animated team up movie. This second movie (the superman one) was the weirdest thing ever. It was more or less a movie about the secret forbidden love between Batman and Superman. Yes, I know that I already said this after the Sting. But it’s even more apparent here. Seeing some of the looks, Clark gives Bruce is a little awkward. It feel like you’re interrupting a moment. So that’s all for tonight, stay classy, Internet.

Sometimes people tell me it’s fine not to wear shoes.


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