Damn, I have good taste in music…according to Pitchfork


Well, that’s what they’ve been saying over the past month. You see the semi-popular music website, Pitchfork, has been counting down the best music of the decade. Best albums, videos, songs, all of that fun stuff. But with each of these lists, i find that the closer they get to number 1, the more of my iTunes music shows up. Should I take pride in this? Because I love my music and I love that other people love it too (I just said love three times in that sentence, oops make that four). On the other hand, this could mean that I am a puppet who only follows the trends. Which would be pathetic, because I stay away from most mainstream music for that exact reason. So only would I be a puppet, I would be a hipster puppet…Damn it all!

Anyway, if you’re curious where your favorite song of the past ten years even got on to the list, check it out at http://pitchfork.com/features/staff-lists/7685-the-top-500-tracks-of-the-2000s-500-201/. It’s a pretty fun way to waste time.


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