Free time, where did you go?


Well, my life has just been shot to hell in a hand basket. I just found out thanks to a broken agreement concerning a cornfield, the student film that we are creating for our production class has to completely change around the shooting schedule for “Moonshine”. This results in a chaotic case of good news and bad news. The good news is that I will no longer be obligated to shoot on Sunday this weekend. However, this leads to the bad news, I will now have to work a twelve hour day on Saturday.

Now before I continue this rant, let me just say something. This project is huge, it isn’t going to make itself, and it is a huge portion of our final grade for this class.This has to get done before we run out of time, and at the present moment, this is the best way to achieve it. Regardless, working a twelve hour day sucks. It’s hard for every member of a film production; actors have to keep repeating their lines, the director needs to get just what he wants, and the crew spends a lot of moving around lots of heavy equipment.

I don’t think I could properly capture how soul-draining filming can be. You’re standing up for the better part of a day, you could be needed at any time so you can’t relax, and the lights make the room hotter and stuffier. Things can really get antsy on a set. And this is just coming from a film student, I haven’t even had to do this as a career. Trust me, the only thing a film crew guy is thinking about at the end of the day is a warm dinner and soft bed to sleep on. The hours will probably go from 9 am to 9 pm. Which can be maddening, because it means that I now have to reshuffle my whole weekend so that I have time to get all of my other work done. When you’re on set, you have to stay in the game, because everybody is relying on everyone else to get the movie made.

In more light-hearted news, Kryden spilled Heineken on the keyboard of his new computer. Most people would be disheartened by this, but they would soon pick up the pieces and move on. Most people would inquire about fixing the keyboard and wait for things to sort themselves out. No, not Kryden, who just bought a brand new keyboard from Best Buy. Now keep in mind, Kryden has both this computer and his laptop, so it’s not a matter of getting work done or falling out of contact with friends and loved ones. It’s because he’s an addict and he needs to have his keyboard so that he can do his Warcraft raids. Oh, Kryden, so confusing, yet so predictable.

I kid you not when I say that Kryden is an addict. Every weeknight, Kryden gets on his computer, if he’s not already on it, just before seven o’clock and will not get off until at least eleven-thirty. Keep in mind, that we traded TVs for the year, he has been using my TV as his computer. So he is spending at least four hours a night sitting eight inches away from a twenty-six inch screen, I am amazed his retinas still function. You may say, “Hey Grant, but at least he’s just spending four hours a day playing.” But also keep in mind, that if Kryden has any downtime and I mean ANY downtime, he’s invariably playing Warcraft.

Kryden barely sleeps at night as well. He says that he doesn’t sleep, but I think he usually averages about three or four hours a night. I don’t know how often my readers sleep, but it has to be more then at least twenty-one hours a week. Kryden also told me one night that it was unusual because while we were watching a movie, he didn’t think about Warcraft for an hour. Which was the first time in years that he had done that. Usually when he wakes in the morning, he starts thinking about Warcraft. During class, the game will cross his mind more then a few times before the period ends. This really scares me. I mean it is kinda funny, but hopefully, we can get his game time down to a few hours a night, that’s a victory.


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