The quiz night cold streak continues


Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, “Three Roofies Away From a Good Time” is still win-less over the past few weeks. Though we are now third place in the overall standings, which is kinda nice. Who here is hoping for a come-from-behind upset? Probably not you, if one of my readers happens to be on another team. Our team took a new level of creepiness though last night, when Soup, Ness, and I sat down at the table. Then to be joined by Miss O, Sparky, and The Grin. When the host announced the current standings and then named us to be third can you imagine what that looked like to someone else? Seeing a table of three guys and three girls. You’d probably be pretty creeped out.

Maybe this is because I lived a rather sheltered life in suburban New York, but it seems like the older I get, the more strange and confusing my life gets. Take last night for example, the guys were giving me a hard time because I can’t effectively chug a beer. This isn’t a skill that I actually need to succeed in life, so I’m not that choked up about it (ha, ha, get it). But for the sake of the argument, I countered that I was much better then they were giving me credit. The Grin spoke up loudly and said that she could easily out-chug me.

Seeing my opportunity I pounced, because obviously out-drinking a girl shows that I’m a man, yeah I know I’m a moron. I thought I had this is the bag for two reasons; 1) The Grin avoids beer like I avoid H1N1 and 2) I had never seen The Grin chug anything, so I thought I had this in the bag. Ness gave me money to get two Bud Lights and the challenge was on. Once I was back at the table with the beers, we counted down and started drinking. The Grin beat me in about five seconds. The Grin then flashed her signature smile said something along the lines of, “Oh yeah, I’m really good at chugging.” No mention of this mind-blowing…blow-out was uttered for the rest of the night. That’s when you know you have good friends.

This isn’t the only example of strange things in my life. Take for example Do Not Want coming over for six hours the other day, just to play Mass Effect on my Xbox360. This wasn’t even the first time he had done this activity this week. To make things even odder, DNW turns off the normal game music and plays the Superbad soundtrack off of his MP3 player. It’s an odd sight to come home to your flat and see a young adult on the couch, killing aliens to the sounds of sleek, sexy funk.

And then there was the hook. You see, Kryden never remembers where he puts anything. The most important of these things being his cell phone and car keys. Kryden and I have been living together for about a month and a half now. So I was getting sick of waiting for five minutes every time before we go out, so that he can find his car keys. I don’t have a car you see. Since I am selfish and don’t like to be kept waiting, I decided to think of an unorthodox solution. I stuck a plastic adhesive hook to the wall just outside of his door. So every time I found his keys on the floor, I would just hang them on the hook. Now I just have to hope that he remembers to do this now. I find it quite strange that I’m getting this ridiculous maternal instincts. I’ve now been putting Jack Danger’s lighters in the same drawer, every time I find ones lying around. The hope now is that I don’t turn into the maid.


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