Film set diaries and more


Oh, boy. Was yesterday one hell of a clam bake? Well, unless you (the reader) happen to be Jack Danger, chances are you don’t know how exhausting it was on set yesterday. That was an odd way to start the blog. We were shooting for Moonshine in a sorority house. The scenes we were shooting consisted of a sorority girl drugging the protagonist, therefore starting the chain of events that lead to him waking up the next morning naked in a cornfield. So one of the most important things that we had to do was remove, turn around, or hide anything which could make it look like the characters in the movie were part of the sorority who was kind enough to let us use their house. I thought that we, the crew, did a pretty good job on that front. Though I did have to pull a rather large picture of their crest out of a shot seconds before action was called. Stuff happens.

This day of shooting was an unusual one. The scenes we shot took place at night, but for a variety of reasons, we decided to shoot day for night. This was accomplished by blacking out all of the windows with black tarp, turning off the main lights in the house, and switching to a mixture of Altman 650, mood lighting, and a leopard printed lamp belonging to the house. Keep this in mind; very hot lights and black tarp on all of the windows, keeping the heat trapped inside. Place felt like an oven.

Crystal Light called up last night, asking me if I wanted a ride to go hang out at the Preferred Past-Out Destination #1. Unfortunately Kryden, who wanted to do something last night because Jack Danger and I had to go to bed early the previous night for filming, got left behind because of a full car. So after fifteen minutes at Rage’s, people were already wondering where to go to next. I said, “Hey, let’s go to my place.” So Rage, Soup, Ness, Miss O, Crystal Light, Sparky, The Grin, and I headed right back to the APG, joining Kryden and Jack. Then the guys from across the way showed up, followed by the Critic, Ginger, DNW, and his girlfriend. I think that the APG just had it’s first ever phantom party.

I have a unique habit of writing messages on the back of my hand in blue sharpie so I don’t forget things. I know some people use Palm Pilots or notebooks, not for me. But this makes my hands look weird sometimes, because I always write them on my left hand, and sharpie lasts a while, so often times I could have two or three reminders on my hand. Thursday night, I lost Rage’s frisbee in the woods at three in the morning. I didn’t want to look for it, so I made a note, 20 degress to the right of the tree. Which is where I found it the next day. Then I wrote an swear on my hand yesterday morning, to channel my subliminal anger. Your guess which swear. Then Miss O had me write on my hand that she and Ness won twelve games in a row last night, eclipsing Rage and my record of seven. Man, she has earned her nickname.

Rage stole a blanket last night, I don’t remember where it came from. So if anyone is missing a blanket, let me know. I might have it.


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