More square then a hula hoop


You know how I have those two terrible habits not being able to shut up and sticking my foot so far into my mouth it touches my spleen? Yeah, I was at it again today. In my poetry class, this one dude makes the observation that is surrounded by disease. Which was a fair, funny observation because many people in our class have various seasonal ailments. But I decided to point out that he is always surrounded by disease. My meaning of course being that we all live in a world filled with germs and such. He however freezes up and says, “wait, why did you just say I’m always surrounded by disease?” Damn it, if my poetry class were Survivor, I would be the first one voted out.

That was actually my second observation that I later regretted for that class. One member of class who was supposed to present a new poem, named Summer, was missing. The professor asked, not talking to anyone in particular, “Hey, where’s Summer?” Here’s what I should have said, nothing. Here’s what I said, “Making way for autumn”. I need a mute button. I myself had to present a new poem today. I got back some written responses from my classmates, one of which was blank and another had no comments, but did sport an elaborate doodle of a house. I guess the poem didn’t find it’s audience.

Brutal Legend comes out tomorrow and I can hardly wait to play it. This has been a long, long wait so the anticipation is killing me. I also just found out that the new Flaming Lips CD is amazing and Jack Danger just got me into a band called Fleet Foxes. I can just hear my wallet weeping. I wish I had the free time to commit to a job.


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