Bloody hell that hurt


Oh boy, today was nothing short of lousy. I had two different doctors appointments, the first was with an orthodontist and the second was with my new GP. You have no idea how much acceptable pain I’m in, no really. If on a scale of one to ten in terms of everyday pain, this is discounting actual excruciating pain like gunshot wounds and loss of limbs, it would be an easy nine. So here’s the tap dance…

On Friday, I had another appointment at the oral surgeon. This is the same guy who removed my wisdom teeth this summer. The one who decided not to knock me out, which turned out to be an excellent call, because the whole thing took about ten minutes just using novocaine. No, this guy is awesome. What he had to was inserted a special screw straight into my jaw bone so that the orthodontist could attach something to pull in a twelve year molar that never erupted. So essentially this screw is like a jaw piercing. He also took a blade and exposed part of the tooth. I know that probably got to some of the more squeamish readers, but it was actually a breeze. The man’s a genius.

Oh, how I wish the orthodontist had been on his game. The area where the surgeon cut away the tissue was still very tender…and it bled, a lot. So the pain was truly something to experience as he fumbled, trying to attach a wire between the jaw piercing and the bracket he glued on my new tooth. Problem was that he couldn’t get everything to fit, so he had to take off the bracket he just glued on and put a different one. You know that you are the special hard case of the month when every assistant in the office is gathered around to see what will happen next. Long story short, the pain is quintessentially phenomenal. Not only do I have that lousy orthodontic ache you always get, I’m also pretty sure that a piece of the wire is perpetually trying to escape via my right cheek.

Then I had blood drawn for the first time ever. I hate needles, I don’t think it’s the pain that bothers me as much as the idea of a thin piece of metal under my skin, especially the kind that is stealing my blood. My new doctor asked me every question imaginable, “do you use heroin?”, “when was the last time you had an eye exam?, “are you sexually active?”, “do you smoke?”, “what’s your families medical history?”, believe it or not the last one was the hard one to answer.

I saw “Where The Wild Things Are” last night with a Friendtern. Trippy fucking movie. I think I’ll need to devote an entry this week just to breaking that crazy movie down. Bought my first ever Flaming Lips album, “Embryonic”, sinister, but wonderful. Looks like I won’t be able to finish Brutal Legend before I get back to school. I can’t play Mature rated games in my house until Blondie goes to bed, but it takes that kid so bloody long to finish his homework, I just give up and go to bed early. No joke, last night he finished his work at 11 pm.


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