Everyone has had that night where they stay up way late and playing video games. That was last night in a nutshell. Kryden recently purchased a full set-up for Rock Band 2. At first I thought this way another ill-fated endeavor by him to try new video games (see Gears of War and Warcraft III), but it’s mildly surprising me that he’s actually playing it a lot. He’s just moved up to hard on the guitar and is trying to play “Carry On Our Wayward Son” as I’m writing this. So we’ll have to see if this decreases his WOW time. However, that said, when he’s playing WOW, he doesn’t have those the surround speakers that he hooked up the the TV blaring with Paramore, ewww.

So anyway last night was the second gig of our imaginary band, Firepower!, and before you say anything, yes I thought of the name. One of the guitars doesn’t work, it came out of the box broken, so we are rotating members. But the usual line-up is Kryden on guitar, Rage on drums, and myself on vocals, we also had “4” taking over on songs with female vocals. However, she left early, so I had to sing the Paramore song twice when it came up in two mystery song gigs, ewww. Once we get that other guitar working chances are I’m going to be switching over to the bass, because Jack Danger prefers to sing and isn’t confident on the instruments. Jack Danger is, how would we say it, unique in his vocal stylings. Critic and DNW were over the other night and couldn’t keep themselves together as Jack tried to sing “One Way or Another”, which must be said has some terrible lyrics.

Anyway, I think that the three of us jammed for a four hours at least. We were trying to unlock as many songs as possible, but we had to do some repeats. So I wound up singing “Man in the Box” about four times. However, I think Kryden is in it for the money to buy clothes. We all made avatars that look somewhat like us, example mine has thick, curly hair and wears orange shirts and Jack Danger’s has a beard. Kryden decided that he would rather be a hot girl, so he uses the money we earn to tart up his slutty avatar. I kid you not when I say that every time we are at the loading screen, he brags about how hot his avatar is. Something along the lines of, “Damn, Grant, look at how hot she is!” I really should point out to him that A) he’s not sleeping with her because B) she’s not real.


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