A trip to the Wal


This afternoon, Jack Danger knocked on my door and asked me the one question that every sane man between the ages of 5 and 25 wants to be asked at some point in their life, “Hey, Grant. You wanna go on an adventure?” Is there any there any other answer for that question then yes? And I wasn’t a disappointed by the premise, we were going to go gun shopping. This was going to be a wonderful experience that nothing could spoil. But, then again, I forgot to take a few things into account

Jack and I are working on a movie right now. This particular scene involved the use of shotgun or a rifle. Jack had surfed the net for the past few days asking for people willing to donate a gun for on-set use. But then everyone who made a commitment pulled out at the last second. That sentence was not innuendo. So now we were back to square one. So Jack decided it was about time to head over the Wal to purchase a shotgun. Here’s what I didn’t realize, Jack probably hadn’t thought any of this through.

Once we arrived at the Wal, I knew this was going to be a problem. Jack immediately went to the gun desk and asked for a double-barreled, twelve gauge shotgun. Okay, here’s the thing. We’re two nerdy-looking guys, obviously not from around the area, and the first thing we ask for is the one gun that can always be associated with the words, “grisly” and “brutal”. Jack incorrectly referring to parts of the guns didn’t help. They didn’t have any double-barreled guns, so Jack settled on one barrel.

Then they ran a background on Jack, this is where everything became derailed. You see that every state has different gun laws, so some states like Florida don’t let you buy as many guns. Jack is from Florida, so we were denied. Then began a scramble with him calling up any friend he knew who might owe him a favor. Somehow he convinced Critic to swing over to the Wal to get the gun.

A half hour later, the Critic shows up, not nearly as enthusiastic as Jack D expected. Critic had a long ride over, and was able to realize it might not be the best idea to have a gun on his name being used by someone else while he’s not there. He suggested all sorts of other things, but the one we went on going with buying an air-soft gun that shoots BBs. Hopefully this could work.

So ended Jack’s adventure which started as a quick trip to the Wal to buy a rifle. But then the adventure made a terrible transformation into an ordeal. Imagine spending an hour and a half meandering around Wal-Mart, while your friend keeps calling up friends to ask if they want to buy him a gun. Only we could turn a rifle into an air-soft gun. Worst adventure ever.


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