To finish, to sigh, to wonder why


Oh, man. I just don’t want to work on anything right now. This is most likely to my detriment, because I have a lot of work this week, including a quick shooting for Moonshine on Sunday afternoon. But, c’mon, it’s Halloween today, the one day that everyone looks forward to but, inevitably leads to disappointment. Keep on the lookout for me in my Bob Dylan outfit, especially if you live outside of the Elon/Burlington area, then that would be quite extraordinary indeed.

I finally finished the script for my next project this weekend, so this hasn’t been a complete waste. Right now, I am in the third revision stage, which entails me not looking at the content, but instead trying to catch all of the stupid typos. It’s good as a writer to have something new finished, something to justify saying that you have something other then a poorly-maintained blog for which to assemble new material.

The new work is tentatively called “The Forest”. This title is subject to change, but I always set-up my works with simple, project-based titles before I find something better to stick to it. This usually happens during the third stage, so that might come next.

What’s my next project? Well, actually Rage wants me to sit down and right lyrics for a potent band with him and Soup. Maybe that will see some headway, I don’t think of myself as an accomplished poet, but perhaps I should put some application to that.


One Response to “To finish, to sigh, to wonder why”

  1. 1 The Mad Scientist

    I thought “Issue Number One” had a very clever title. Mainly once I had seen it. Layers and such.
    I’d be interested to find out the sorts of things you’d write songs about.

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