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Well, in the words of OK Go, “Here it goes again.” Perhaps that is the lowest culture reference I will ever use, hmm…maybe not. Anyway, right it is “The Holidays Strike Back” as the New Hope has all but evaporated into my mother’s constant need to keep us doing activities no matter how mundane, when […]

So right now I am stuck at home. No one wants to do anything. My mother, who continues to be the master of micromanaging every second of our lives, has given the Mad Scientist and I an ultimatum. Here it is, tomorrow we can either to Philly to see Villanova play Holy Cross (her alma […]

Travel days


Well, now I’m once again back in New York. In the aftermath of one of the screwiest travel days I had ever experienced, this is coming from a man who had a Jo’burg-Heathrow flight canceled and and wound up flying home business class with a two hour lay-over in Qatar. Yesterday, Kryden told that he […]

For the past two weeks, thanks to an intensive shooting schedule and prior commitments (like trivia night), I have often found myself severely lacking in a valuable commodity known as free time. When I do get this free time and I have sole custody of the TV in my apartment, chances are I will be […]

Yes, indeed. This is the correct idea of what I want to move forward with. I now no longer have to hang on to the film “Wet Hot American Summer” as my cult film of choice. This movie held on for three years more or less because I have worked at a summer camp, so […]

Dear readers, (all three of you) It has risen to my attention that I have failed you. I have failed you. My failure can’t be measured by any system of measurement this side of the Atlantic Ocean, too oddball. We need the fucking metric system here right now! I said now God damn it all! […]

I get a lot of questions about having five siblings, while most of them focus on the fact I have a seven year old brother, many of the serious questions focus on the sibling closet to me in age, my twenty year old brother, the Mad Scientist. Mad-Sci is the brain of the family, he […]