Scarf season, while I process Halloween- A Rant


I know, I know. Everybody was expecting some crazy wrap-up of my All Hallow’s Eve. But to be completely honest, I’ve needed a lot of time to process exactly what happened. But for those of you, who don’t understand this, I hate Halloween. I know that many believe it’s the most wonderful time of the year because it includes free candy, a wonderful excuse to get fucked up, and the prospect of women in suggestive apparel, but let’s be completely honest, for every nine of ten people, Halloween comes up as a bust. Of course how would one explain:

The immensely humid weather that made me sweat at the tail end of a month often associated with autumnal climates and weather patterns.

The intense rain that followed the humid of the death weather. No, I’m talking of a massive parade of ice needles showering down on my head.

Staring the night at 8:30 at Bear’s house, until you’re roommates get bored twenty minutes in because they’re were no women (or anyone else for that matter) there at 8:50 at night.

Getting a call from Rage at about 9:30, asking how your party is going. No, not the one that you are at, but the one you supposedly hosting. Now you have to temporarily entertain seven people who you may or may have not committed to partying with at the APG.

Having your roommates pounce on this chance to leave and head home. You make impromptu jungle juice, while Jack Danger starts playing GTA IV. You yell at Jackie D, because you have company coming over and would prefer to have music playing and no bearded men on the couch stealing cars. Jack simply engages the thingie on the Xbox that lets the music play while disabling the in-game music. I didn’t even know what to say to that. Fucker wasn’t even in costume.

Our party sucked. Only one game of pong was played after I hit a death cup. Lots of standing around and planning where to go next. The group decides to go to the Bear’s, but only after they get a positive report from the go-ahead spy, Grin.

We finally make our way out back to the party I started the night at. Wait up at Rage’s for a couple more friends. Walk right into Jack Danger five seconds upon stepping through the door, the same Jackie D that I left on the couch back at the APG hijacking a sailboat. Jack finally found a costume too, he had a rather good fighter pilot outfit. What the hell was the hold-up?

The party starts to die down, people head out. I lose track of my entire group, they leave without me after an unforeseen interruption. Suffice to say, that Rage still has bite marks on his back…from human teeth!

Critic gives Jackie D and I a ride back to the APG. After a misguided attempt at tracker-down-rodeo, the rain starts and I get out at my place of origin.

This is where my night should have ended, but instead I go out in the rain to the apartment building right next to mine and run into a couple of friends. Then who shows up not but a half hour later, but Ness, Miss O, Crystal Light, and Grin, the same crew that forgot about me at Bear’s, drenched with water. They walked the mile back to my building, a good portion of it in the rain. Justice is excellent.

It was just one of those nights. Everybody is drunk, most people are looking for trouble of many sorts. I remember partaking in Indian dancing in the rain with Crystal Light, that’s not a typo. Why did I do that? No bloody clue, it just seemed like another layer to one of the weirdest Halloweens ever. Just too much drama sometimes.


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