Yes, I realize


Okay, so I haven’t updated the blog in about a week and for that I am quite sorry. But, in my defense, my life has been quite chaotic and I just have not had the time to sit down and write a blog entry. My brother, the Mad Scientist posted an amazing humorous essay on Facebook last week about the new Microsoft operating system, 7. Hopefully with his permission, I might use that as a post for this week, because it’s quite good and Mad-Sci writes in a very different style then myself, so it might be a fun change to have a different voice.

I’ve also thinking about having either Kryden, Jack Danger, or Rage write a blog entry to see what happens. A Jack Danger entry would be quite delicious because Jack writes in almost the exact same way he speaks, so the entry would feel like you were actually talking to the cocky, bearded bastard. Though Kryden has surprised me with his sense of humor, he kind of operates on a different plane in terms of humor and writing style. If Rage put himself to it, his entry would be so unintentionally funny that many a person, namely the people that we hang out with, would want an encore. Elon University offers a strange thing called J-Term, where January is it’s own term where you take only one class. Many Elon students use this semester to study abroad. And I have only just realized that this J-Term, I will be without Kryden, Rage, Ness, and Soup for a month as well as Miss O and Crystal Light, who are graduating early. Man, it looks like my life is going to running on a skeleton cast again, what with most of the main characters gone.

It has been a hard balancing act in my life right now. I’ve had a major assignment due in every class this week. I had to work for twelve hours on Friday, still working on the entry for that film shoot, you will not be disappointed on that one. I’ve also been playing way too much Dragon Age Origins. Forget Modern Warfare 2, how can you beat a gritty medieval KOTOR?


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