Bleak Friday is more likely


So right now I am stuck at home. No one wants to do anything. My mother, who continues to be the master of micromanaging every second of our lives, has given the Mad Scientist and I an ultimatum. Here it is, tomorrow we can either to Philly to see Villanova play Holy Cross (her alma mater) in the first round of the FCS Football play-offs or put Christmas decoration. Okay, if that doesn’t sound that bad let’s put this into context

The Football Game:
Philadelphia is at least two hours away. Villanova was the second-best team in the entire FCS this season. Holy Cross won the Patriot League, which features Division I powerhouse schools like Fordham, Colgate, and Lehigh. So we are going to be driving more then two hours with an additional two hour return trip to sit in the bitter cold to watch Holy Cross get their turkey stuffed, and it’s probably going to snow too. Also keep in mind, my sisters hate sports and my seven-year old brother, the Little Tyrant that he is, will make an extra-special effort to make sure all of our lives are nothing short of a living hell.

Setting Christmas Decorations:
I stand at five feet, eight inches and currently weigh about one hundred and thirty-five pounds. This is what most people consider, short and scrawny. However, my large family is actually quite tiny, so I am easily the second largest person in my house. And unlike my father, who stands at five foot, eleven, I have never injured my back. So I will have to do a whole heck of a lot of heavy lifting, while my mother and sisters decide whether or not the Nativity creche should go by the window-side or in between my grandmother’s ginger jars. Just when I thought with the wrapping of Moonshine that I had escaped any and all heavy lifting in the foreseeable future, my mother manages to prove me wrong. Also the Little Tyrant will make an extra-special effort to make sure all of our lives are nothing short of a living hell.

Now, this is by no means Sophie’s Choice, it says a lot about my life when the worst I have to gripe about is that my mother is making me lift an artificial Christmas tree down two flights of stairs. But, you know, when you have a nice, long weekend to kick back and recharge your chi before the exam period begins, you truly want to savour it.


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