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Okay, well maybe not. But I spend so much time with this forum talking about movies. Good movies, bad movies, so-so movies, old movies, new movies, hell, I’m a film major this is just what I do. One forward I have is that I did miss the Hurt Locker and I heard that movie was […]

Middle school was a lousy time in my life; bullying, lack of direction, hormones, you know what it was like. But there were a few things that were able to keep me sane while I went through a harsh time with few friends: 1. Crafting cute, intricate animals out of clay 2. Reading books 3. […]

So why did I select nine? Because I always use the number ten and let’s be honest, we all use that number when we want to recount something big. So I decided to make this list a little more exclusive by cutting down the numbers by one. I love music, so I’m always listening to […]

I heard about the existence of Avatar sometime during the last half of my senior year of high school. At least I think that I did. Man, after four years of college, it just feels like all of high school is blurring together. I’m pretty sure that when that friend told me about the existence […]

Dorito Fingers


Remember when we were young and we loved Doritos? Couldn’t get enough of the stupid things. Such cheap, flavorful corn chips and if there was anything we loved more then anything, it was licking that gross cheese substitute flavoring off our fingers. This looked gross to everyone, unless you were the person in question sucking […]

And my gift to you is a wonderful example of why I don’t act anymore, follow the link: Mazel tov.

Surprise party


Well, as of this afternoon, I am now finished with all of my classes from this semester. Another crucial step towards escaping this glory-chasing school of mine. All jokes aside, it truly is terrifying to be so close to graduating. Exam week was chaotic as always. I don’t know if this happens on every campus […]