As we come to the end of a more or less crazy year, I feel like this whole period of our time has been brought to you by Crazy Bizarro World. A likeable Yankees team won the World Series, we have a black president forty years after the peak of the Civil Rights Movement, a summer where famous people died faster then a season of 24, but out of all the craziness this year, I’ll remember this as the time where insurance commercials were amazing and beer commercials sucked.

Think about it, what’s the best beer commercial that you have seen this humble year of 2009? If you gave an answer other then the “Most Interesting Man in the World” ad for Dos Equis, then you have no opinion worthy of of consideration in this matter. That’s not a bias, it’s a fact. But after that what else has there been from the beer front. Beer commericals are supposed to be funny. You buy and drink beer to get drunk. Getting drunk is a ridiculous action, trust me, I know. So if you are advertising something which is inherently ridiculous, be ridiculous. Don’t try to be classy; hard liquor has that market curbed. Also the Billy Mays style home-shopping ads for Bud Light are in the worst possible taste, the bearded bozo’s corpse isn’t even cold yet. C’mon, you guys aren’t South Park, you’re ads are on during prime-time.

However all four of the big insurance companies have had great ads this year, each built off of unique campaigns. In an advertising sense, it’s brilliant. The economy is at it’s lowest in a while, so these guys need to have great ads to have people buy something that they don’t necessarily use everyday. Each company has their own different style.

Geico’s Gecko ads are actually kind of cute, now that he has a dumb boss to bounce off of, he has been involved in solid commercials with plenty of information and clever sight gags. Allstate has gone cuddlier with those dude who played the president on 24 (second 24 reference here, I hate that show and it still enters my pop culture references), yeah I know his name is actually Dennis Haysbert, but we all know him as David Palmer, that’s probably why he got the hire in the first place. Aflac has been doing what they’ve been doing for the last few years, no point in really changing that, ducks in pain are funny.

But then there are the Progressive commercials, to quote Jack Danger, “It’s ’cause Flo is beautiful.” Has there been any unknown spokesperson this decade who has taken over an ad campaign as much as Flo? Perhaps the Free Credit Report guy. But considering how inherently annoying ads are, it’s it interesting how this woman is able to make these ads somewhat tolerable. I hate spokespeople, but I don’t hate her, how is this possible? Grr….


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