How does this still work?


I have been thinking that many of my lists and rants are very negative. So in the false vein of the holiday season (oh no, I’m at it again), I think it would be only fitting to do a short list of things that just bloody amaze me this year. I’ve given up on ever having a grand vision of where we go, but it feels like what I seem to capture is more a praise to the middle level, the modern, but I’d have it no other way. So in any old order:

Venture Brothers is an amazing show- Finally the children who grew up during the nineties are rewarded for their ceaseless dedication to action cartoon shows, superheroes, and classic science fiction movies. This show could basically be described as Adult Swim’s answer to Johnny Quest, a boy adventurer grew up to become a failed super-scientist and now has only his bodyguard and cloned sons for comfort. Venture Bros. is not for the faint of heart, things can intense fast. But it’s surely worth a nice long look. Also, for those of you that are turned off Adult Swim’s tripper programming, Venture Bros. does have excellent continuity and perhaps the best animation of any show in the Swim’s line-up.

Scrubs is still funny- I still find it incredible that Scrubs is still on the air after nearly not making it through it’s second season. After the show turn a huge drop in quality it was quite unbearable for sometime. You know what I’m talking about, Elliot leaving only to come back three episodes later, JD dating Mandi Moore, Turk and Carla’s martial problems got old, Cox no where near as fiery as before, Taking away all of Elliot’s best jokes to make her look hotter, letting Zach Braff pick the songs for every fucking episode, those were scary times. But the show has been consistently better since it moved to ABC. The new premise of a med school was a good choice, and it’s working so far. And thankfully, Braff will be mercifully be gone in a few episodes so he has more time to direct sucky movies where he gets to make out with hot Jewish girls.

I almost cried during a movie this summer- Yeah, yeah. I haven’t really been “bringing the funny” in this post. So I decided to include this bit of humiliation. Here’s the thing, I just don’t cry during movies, I’m pretty sure that before this summer. The closest that I got was when Darth Vader cut off Luke’s saber hand at the climax of Empire Strikes Back. Vader, one for adding insult to injury, then breaks it to Luke that he kinda helped him…you know, exist. Long story short, it was 500 Days of Summer. The last romantic comedy geared to women that I’ve seen in a while that the male character is infinitely more likable then the girl. Zooey broke his heart, man. He was hurt, he was hurt bad. Sniff.

I have figured without any form of doubt that yes, I’m not the asshole in my group of friends- This is when I get to have to the most fun. So who is it guys? Grant just put on his blog that someone in our group is an asshole. Who is it? Wait, is he kidding? Maybe he’s pulling a double negative. I mean who reads between the lines on the blog of a guy whose life choices let him get punched by a stranger off the back of a moped. The game is on.

I have a wealth of ideas and clear motivation to finish my next script- Cross your fingers please.


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