Surprise party


Well, as of this afternoon, I am now finished with all of my classes from this semester. Another crucial step towards escaping this glory-chasing school of mine. All jokes aside, it truly is terrifying to be so close to graduating. Exam week was chaotic as always. I don’t know if this happens on every campus in these United States, sometimes I wonder if they do things like Elon does. Exams are grouped by time slots so that way nothing interferes with anything, but the way the work is structured, it is unlikely that someone will have an exam every eligible day. So the students of the maroon and gold use this as an excuse to get shit-faced, black-out drunk every night that they don’t have an exam the next day.

So how does this relate to me? Well, last week I think what I did was considering aloud about having a party on Saturday because there were no exams the next day. Probably in front of Rage. Long story short, it became just an established fact with my friends that there was indeed going to be a Saturday night house party at the APG. Me being me, I just shrugged and ran with it. Then I realized that, yes, they actually wanted to party at the APG, the day before. One dark thought then crossing my mind, ‘Oh shit, I haven’t done anything, this party is going to suck.”

Friday afternoon, I was scrambling. You know my priorities might be a bit out of whack when I’m putting 50% more effort into sending out Facebook invites, rather then finishing a PWR take-home….well, maybe not. So I sent out about sixty or so last-minute invites in a passionate effort to avoid what happened at Halloween, where it was just the usual gang of villains (Rage, Ness, Soup, Burner, Miss O, The Grin, Crystal Light, Sparky…you know who I’m talking about). As always, I got little physical help from either of my roomies, who I love like brothers, but are crafty enough to let me do everything; invite people, make punch, hook up the music, buy supplies…okay, okay, Kryden drove me to the Wal for that, but I was the alpha dog).

To add a further complication, I then found out that Tiger-Fire Diamond Princess was already having a get-together the same night. Damn it all! But then, got my first lucky break of the night when I found out it actually took place before my own Multi-Holiday Express Super-Whammo Bang! This was what I actually called it. Not even kidding, I was bored. You can check Facebook, it’s there. You’ll also see that of the fifty-sixty invites I sent out, there was only seven accepted invites. Now you understand my negative thinking. Even when TDP proposed that my party be the Colbert to her Daily Show, I was still looking forward to a rather quiet night at my place. By the way, if you didn’t understand the cultural significance of that last pop culture reference, you deserve to be shot in the leg.

So I decided to make an extended appearance at TDP’s before retreating to my own place. Which I’m glad I did because she had freaking meatballs and fudge there. No joke, meatballs and fudge on the same spread! Some people have so much more class then they ever really need. I was also hilarious to be among one of four guys at a twenty person party, until the terrible flashbacks of Florence came back. But seriously, you can’t make situations like this; Rage, Ness, Archer, and I more or less backed into a corner while a girl explains to use that Cosmo lies to women about love. Probably looked kinda funny. Also Grin won the award for most back-handed comment with, “This is probably the only time I’ve seen Grant in a nice shirt.” Yeah, I’m kinda a slob.

So one cannot truly fathom my disbelief when I returned to my place to set up the beer pong table and within ten minutes there were over ten people at the door, half of whom hadn’t been at TDP’s. Not only that, but seven minutes early for the intended 11 pm start time. I can say without an reasonable doubt of correction that this thing went a lot better then I thought. This party had a lot of things, fun, various people taking control of the music (leading to the music eccentric playlist I’ve ever heard), drinking my awesome sugar-free punch, playing pong, multiple crashers, various neighbors popping in, Ness just bringing in about three gallons of gin bucket, just because he wanted to get rid of it. Here’s all I know, I have a lot to top for next time.

It’s a shame to head home today. I’m going to miss all of the people who will be gone next semester; Kryden, Rage, Soup, Ness, Crystal Light (who’s actually graduating). They will all be missed.


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