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I’ve always enjoyed Conan O’Brien’s brand of quirky, self-deprecating humor, it’s what sets him apart from the other late night hosts. So when I found out five years ago that Jay Leno was going to retire so that Conan could take the reigns of the Tonight Show, the future looked set. Little did I know […]

Now, keep in mind for just a second that I already knew that Netflix currently offers a service to it’s customers that they can stream movies through their computer. Not all of the movies, but a small selection. Let’s say for example that this covers very old, critically-acclaimed classics, worse then filth comedies (we’re talking […]

This past Sunday was Jack Danger’s birthday, so we were all treated to a Jack Danger movie marathon of sorts this weekend. The dishes were Fido, a 1950’s surbubia boy and his new pet zombie flick, and American Astronaut, basically a post-modern sci-fi shenanigan, any other attempted plot description would probably melt my brain before […]



Can you truly evaluate the merits of a director by seeing only three of his films? Well, surely that isn’t a fair question as a director like David Cronenberg, who has somewhere in the ballpark of twenty films on his resume. This question would be judging Cronenberg solely on the merit of a small fraction […]

…if you abuse it enough, it might start to work well enough. The washing machine in the APG is currently on the fritz, so Jack Danger has found that usually the best way to get it working again is to hit and abuse it. Those are actually his words, not mine. But the sentiment is […]

I can be an idiot, I truly can. There have been multiple scenarios this semester that I have attempted to kick myself in the head for signing up for an International Cinema class based around the genre of horror. There are multiple reasons for this, but the most important one is that I cannot stand […]

For those of you who have seen the trailers, television commercials, or any image really of Bayonetta, you would never think me to purchase that kind of video game. Long story short, I went halvsies with the Critic on a new copy of this game. So our friendship, as I have kidded with him, has […]