Interns and Gators


So I was talking with a friend from the summer last night about the blog last night and he was talking about how hilarious he found it. I was a bit confused as this isn’t strictly a humor blog. He then remarked that its just the way that I write is funny. This confused me even more, which made my stomach feel empty, so we went to get food. Today, their was supposed to be a reunion of sorts for the people from our internship. It is only now that we realized how much of a ridiculous idea this was, now that its not the summer anymore. Now that everybody is back home or back at school or working. You know, it was one of those ideas that seemed fantastic until the reality set in. Oh well, maybe next time. If anyone from that summer is reading this right now, which is doubtful (but all the same), if any of you ever want to hang out sometime, just let me know through the usual mediums. That summer was bloody awesome.

So it seems that Urban Meyer is taking a leave of absence from coaching Florida’s football team for health reasons. Why isn’t anyone more questioning of this statement? Does anyone realize that this is probably to protect the future of his job? Meyer has won two BCS titles in the past five years, his teams have held the number one spot in the polls in three different years, and last night his star protegee, Tebow, destroyed the Cincinnati defense with over five hundred all-purpose yards. He looks like quite the genius now. Keep in mind next season, he loses Tebow and every defensive starter to the draft. He will have to build the team from the ground up again. Florida is going to suck next year and he doesn’t want to risk his job.

Think about it, colleges are nowhere near as patient as they used to be. Don’t you think that Meyer saw what happened to Tennessee’s Phillip Fulmer and Florida State’s Bobby Bowden and saw that no matter what you achieve, you are still on the chopping block? Yes, Florida is great at recruiting and will have no trouble finding a plethora of solid, new guys. But think of all the newly vacant starting spots that Florida will have to fill next season, there is going to be quite a learning curve next year. Meyer probably also observed how USC had such a lousy year though while they had the goods, that crew just wasn’t ready yet, and that’s what will happen to next year’s Florida crew.

Next year, Meyer loses Tim Tebow, the kind of player that anyone would want to coach; athletic, game-smart, fast as all hell, and clutch. But what made Tebow such a strong figure head was not just what he brought on the field, but his mental game. Like Meyer, Tebow hates losing. But even more impressive was Tebow’s ability to channel that frustration into quality performances. Like the Gators losing that SEC championship game to Alabama, that hurt Tebow, he wanted to make whoever came next pay. That’s what he did last night, hurt Cincinnati. Next year’s Florida QB could be just as talented as Tebow, but it will be hard to replicate that type of heart and devotion.

So next year, this new deal ensures that Meyer can stay on the sidelines until he can see whether or not Florida is good enough to respectable. This is quite a competitive man we are talking about here. Remember how he called that time-out last year in the final minutes of the blow-out against Georgia? To get revenge for the unsportsmanlike Gator-stomp dance that the Bulldogs did after beating the Gators in 2007. That was cold stuff. Urban Meyer doesn’t want to have years like the ones of Pete Carroll and Bob Stoops. This is his chance to look invincible. He won’t have Charlie Strong calling his defensive plays next year either, keep that in mind for a second. Why else do you think he has been so secretive with his health issue? Why do you think it is so wide open when he is coming back? I have no doubt that health thing he had back in December was genuine, but I think he is just milking this to get more buffer and benefit of the doubt when he returns.

But okay, this is just me calling this. If he were to drop dead tomorrow, I would look like quite the asshole wouldn’t eye. But as a guy who knows nothing about Urban Meyer’s general health and just about as much about football as the average sports fan, this just seems kind of eerie.


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