Oh, the bloody horror!


I can be an idiot, I truly can. There have been multiple scenarios this semester that I have attempted to kick myself in the head for signing up for an International Cinema class based around the genre of horror. There are multiple reasons for this, but the most important one is that I cannot stand being frightened. And as one to frighten quite easily this class is a match made in hell. You see I wanted an easier class after a previous semester of movie-making, poetry composing, and wasting time when I was supposed to be working on professional writing. So why not just have a class with movies? No textbook, almost no homework. You just watch and analyze movies, and I believe myself to be quite adapt when it comes to analyzing movies. I would say I could just as easily analyze a movie and be frightened when a door opens in a dark house.

“But Grant,” you say, “All you ever do is yak about movies and how much enjoyment you get out of movies. Isn’t this a great class for you because you get to act like the pompous asshole you are under the pretense of understanding the material?” To that I would say that you either truly cut to the bone or you’re a figment of my imagination. Here’s the thing, most of these movies viewings take place late at night when I could be enjoying a nice dinner at home or water-boarding a scallywag that I caught nosing around the larter.

So why do I complain? It’s because so many of the night movies are actually really good. It is so hard to do this since it’s hard to convince me to dive into things I don’t understand. It frustrates the soul. However, without this class, I would have had no introduction to giallo.


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