Life is like a broken washing machine…


…if you abuse it enough, it might start to work well enough. The washing machine in the APG is currently on the fritz, so Jack Danger has found that usually the best way to get it working again is to hit and abuse it. Those are actually his words, not mine. But the sentiment is echoed by me. Many of the appliances in our apartment haven’t been working over the course of the past ninety days or so. We’ve had incidents with the dishwasher, washing machine, and a certain bathroom appliance. Everything seems to be collapsing around us these days.

This may sound ridiculous, especially since I’m only taking one class this month, but I’m really missing free time. It feels like all I do with my time these days is going to class, going to supplementary class, trying to beat that stupid missile level on Bayonetta, and sleeping. It feels like my life is now structured in a way, where I can’t break out to make stupid choices.

Jack has been having trouble sleeping. Inspiring him to clean his room at 6:00 am this morning while blaring loud music, off of a playlist I gave him. Irony can be my enemy sometimes.


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