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Yes, I realize that Mass Effect 2 hasn’t even been out for a month, but once a sane human being beats Mass Effect 2, the only logical response is to want to play Mass Effect 3. The only problem with this thought process is that there currently no finished copy of the game available on […]

The Pizza Wars


So Papa John’s has a limited time offer going on right now where you can get any large, one-topping pizza for ten dollars, before taxes of course. As I was writing this sentence, a Little Caesar’s ad came on the television, asking about 5.99 for a large pizza. Domino’s has that new aggressive campaign to […]

There are some things that deserve a second chance. There are other things that are unfit for the eyes to see, ears to hear, or mouth to taste. These are the things that are dead to me. Elements created by our own popular culture that I have decided add nothing positive to my existence, so […]

Why the fuck is Ice-T, songwriter of the hip-hop crossover hit “Cop Killer”, a detective on this show anyway?

So classes are taking up a lot of my time now. But I promised some people, so I’m now going to do the quintessential Mass Effect right here, and right now. Mass Effect was probably my favorite video game from the last decade. A sci-fi, role-playing game that combined real-time shooter levels with cinematic third-person […]



So yeah, I’m still in a funk over Conan losing his show. Yeah, yeah, I know, the Olympics are starting soon and the Super Bowl just happened. Who still cares about Conan now? Me! I cannot wait to see just what he is going to wind up doing next Jack Danger and I are starting […]