So yeah, I’m still in a funk over Conan losing his show. Yeah, yeah, I know, the Olympics are starting soon and the Super Bowl just happened. Who still cares about Conan now? Me! I cannot wait to see just what he is going to wind up doing next

Jack Danger and I are starting to move the machinations forward that will get our short film made. Director Danger (You can call him Jack), only wants to make three changes to my revised script. So that is nothing short of a miracle and blessing as a young writer to have that creative support from the director. We’re trying to get a cast together now, hopefully we will know who’ve got for this by the end of the week. It all really comes down to who can play crazy well and who can have a little bit of fun with what they do.

I recently started to compose my first non-fiction story for an advanced creative writing course for this semester. Hopefully it’s going to come out okay. If I had a specialty, I think it would be fiction. But that thought most likely stems from having no “training” with this particular medium. If only there were some standard to go from here. The story is a good one, but often an author gets concerned about the “what if”. When you’re submitting a treatment for fifteen other skeptics to evaluate, everybody wants to put out something that’s substance rather then folly. Fingers crossed.


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