The Pizza Wars


So Papa John’s has a limited time offer going on right now where you can get any large, one-topping pizza for ten dollars, before taxes of course. As I was writing this sentence, a Little Caesar’s ad came on the television, asking about 5.99 for a large pizza. Domino’s has that new aggressive campaign to advertise their new-style pizza. It seems like every other commercial these days is for pizza. I can understand that they churned out more TV spots in time to generate interest for Super Bowl parties, but c’mon, that was a week ago. Those jewelry ads disappeared the day after Valentine’s Day. This is also especially hard for me, because as a good New Yorker I crave pizza constantly. It’s not like these chains can really sate my appetite for rich, flavorful sauce and high-quality toppings, so it amounts to something not unlike Chinese water torture.

So back to Papa John’s, why were they charging ten dollars for an unlimited topping pizza? That kind of stuff fucks with one’s brain. Is delivery pizza’s price jacked up too high or it is it so cheap that they don’t lose any money by charging that price? Does thinking too hard about put me in further risk? My head hurts.


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