Mass Effect 3- a wishlist


Yes, I realize that Mass Effect 2 hasn’t even been out for a month, but once a sane human being beats Mass Effect 2, the only logical response is to want to play Mass Effect 3. The only problem with this thought process is that there currently no finished copy of the game available on the consumer market at the moment. Heck, who knows how developed it is by this point. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to play the inevitable sequel and make a wish list for what I want in this game. Here were some of the more “fully-formed” ideas that I had.

Shift the focus back to missions- Decisions mean everything in the world of Mass Effect, the focus of these decisions over the course of the series. While Mass Effect 1 focused on Commander Shepard resolving colonial issues, Mass Effect focused on your teammates. The story of the game changed on who you recruited, when you recruited them, how you got them to join you, whether or not you gained their loyalty, and their survival on the final mission. Now that Commander Shepard has the trust of whoever survived the Collector attack, it’s time to bring Shepard’s team back to the visible action.

Involve the Reapers early- At end of Mass Effect 2, the gamer learns that a vast army of Reapers are amassing near habitable space. The best thing that Bioware could do is have the Reapers be a threat right off the bat. Since they cannot disengage all communications via the Citadel anymore, how about opening the game with a few dozen worlds having already fallen to outright invasion? Since Shepard is the best equipped agent in the galaxy, he will be at the forefront of what’s happening. So it will be up to him to lead a united attack against them. How they do it is up to the player.

Bring back classic characters as squad mates- Yeah, the majority of the ME2 cast ate the ME1 for lunch, Kaiden Alenko anyone? But the game should definitely reward you trying to save Wrex in ME1. If the old side-kicks cannot be available for whole game, they could have featured mission, Like helping Liara attack the Shadow Broker.

Add a few new squad mates- Half the fun of a Bioware game is the conversations and the best ones usually happen with your squad mates. Supporting characters in Bioware games aren’t good characters, but they all prove to be a font of back story as well. Meeting new characters is a fun staple of Mass Effect Universe. Keep that going strong.

Steal a few pages from the Dragon Age: Origins- DA used a different morality system then Mass Effect. Unlike Mass Effect which weighted each decision based off of paragon and renegade choices, Dragon Age preferred a system where you weren’t judged on morality, rather how much each party member liked your choices. Bringing different people encouraged different results in your missions, something that pleased a corrupt shape-shifter often upset an honest knight. Leaving team mates off missions whose ethics clashed with yours was usually a solid way to keep them neutral.

My god, I might be a geek.


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