About the author

Michael Grant was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. From there began the ping-pong game that he calls his life. Michael grew up in mixture of the metropolitan areas of New York City and London, England, graduating from the ACS Cobham International School in 2006, receiving the Senior class award for theatre. During high school, he wrote his first play, “Georgia”, a farce detailing a failed attempt at claiming millions of dollars in a Soviet bank. He began attending Elon University in North Carolina the fall of that year, studying communications with a concentration in Cinema.

In the spring of 2008, Michael co-wrote a script with young director David Lagos, which was then made into a short titled, “The Last Story”. Michael’s first serious work, the script detailing the story of a student journalist who discovers an adulterous affair between his adviser and his best friend. He then began pursuing a minor in Creative Writing, going on to write many short stories.

After returning from a spring semester studying in Florence, Italy, Michael interned in a literary position at the 13th Street Repertory Theatre in Manhattan. As part of that program, he composed his first stage play in four years with “Issue #1”. A new short comedy discussing the scholarly merit of graphic novels through two brother-like roommates. This fall he recently finished writing his newest project, a film short titled, “Shadows in the Glen”, which begins production this February.


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